Metal Additive Manufacturing for Mold Tooling


3DMT uses conformal cooling for our metal injection molding, magnesium thixomolding and plastic injection molding to improve quality, reduce cycle time and enable designs not previously possible. The inserts are additively manufactured on EOS and Concept Laser equipment using M300 steel and then machined finished to tolerance.


By printing cores with complex internal cooling, it is possible to greatly improve temperature uniformity, cool locations impossible to reach with traditional machined components and achieve higher heat transfer


Benefits of additive manufactured mold cores for conformal cooling


Molding Quality Improvement

  • Eliminates sinks
  • Reduces part warpage due to cooling evenly


Cost Reduction

  • Reduces molding cycle times
  • Uniform heat dissipation


Design Freedom

  • Optimized conformal cooling channels based upon customer needs
  • Replaces small bubblers, get to impossible spots


Typical Applications:


  • Mold cores for large / flat surfaces, particularly with clear plastics
  • Spot cooling for aluminum die casting tools
  • Replaces small diameter bubblers or “curved bubbler” applications



For more information contact sales@3dmaterialtech.com or call Brad Mengel at 386-626-0001 x410.